ChondroFiller liquid

AMD Product - chondrofiller liquid

ChondroFiller liquid is a dual chamber syringe made for the application of liquid collagen for defect sizes < 3 cm2.

The implantation can be done during an arthroscopy.

About 3-5 minutes after the injection into the defect zone a dimensionally stable gel forms itself.

Even hard to reach lesions, fissures and pores can be filled up by ChondroFiller liquid.

You don´t have to use fibrin glue.

Advantages of ChondroFiller liquid

  • just one procedure
  • acellular; no 2nd procedure attaining a biopsy
  • implantation during an arthroscopy
  • liquid application of collagen
  • good adaption to the defect zone
  • no fibrin glue
  • easy handling
  • short surgery time
  • storable & ready to use